App Tamer Mac – Efficiently manage your CPU cycles, save energy, and more. v2.5.1(9974)

App Tamer tames your processor-monopolizing apps and keeps them from chewing up excessive CPU time and battery life. Powered by a unique AutoStop feature, App Tamer stops each application when you switch away from it — when you return to that app, it restarts automatically!
App Tamer is built around an attractive and clear user interface, designed for managing all your running applications with minimum distraction or frustration. With helpful displays, you can monitor the average percentage of your processor(s) being used by each app, or access a graphical history or your CPU usage. Easily enable AutoStop for any application, or limit it to a certain amount of CPU time.
Don’t waste time trying to manage CPU usage on an app-by-app basis — liberate your Mac with App Tamer!
Version 2.5.1:
  • By default, App Tamer will now slow down Microsoft Edge when Edge is running in the background.
  • Added support for Coherence and other apps that create site-specific browsers based on Google Chrome.
  • A warning is shown when you slow down Spotlight, as this may adversely affect applications that depend upon Spotlight.
  • App Tamer's performance has been greatly improved when apps like Epichrome or shell scripts make frequent, repeated calls to the sleep, kill, and lsof shell commands.
  • If App Tamer is configured to run in the background (not showing its icon in the Dock), it will ignore Command-Q when its window is open so you don't accidentally quit it.
  • Google Chrome apps are now handled correctly. If a Chrome app is configured not to slow down, Chrome will be kept running at full speed so that it can serve as the "engine" for the app without compromising the app's performance.
OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor


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